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Cast the soul of Fujian businessmen, adhere to the industry ingenuity


Zhang Dunjin: Do every drop of "oil" of Ribang

In the past four decades and more, Chinese manufacturing has risen to the forefront of the world in the historical process of reform and opening up, and has established the most sound and advanced industrial production and manufacturing system in the world, among which countless small and medium-sized enterprises have worked hard and stood firm for many years, playing a mainstay role, making Chinese manufacturing a good name for artisans in the world.

Among them, the lubricant industry has undergone earth-shaking changes, from the previous planned operation to the opening of the lubricant market after 1992, entering the era of "a hundred schools of thought" in which private enterprises and foreign brands rapidly enter. In recent years, with the strengthening of the national policy and efforts to support the rise of independent brands, more and more enterprises have realized the core role of brands in development. The voice of the rise of independent private brands is increasing, and the pace of self-improvement of domestic brands is accelerating. Strong manufacturing is strong country, strong brand is national prosperity.

In the field of automobile aftermarket, there is no shortage of a number of adhere to the spirit of artisans, products and services to the extreme, for everyone praised the great power of originality enterprises, poly auto network in line with the majority of automobile aftermarket practitioners to dig for excellent enterprises, this period will enter the lubricant originality enterprise - Shandong Ribang New energy Technology Co., LTD., Explore the founder of Ribang - Zhang Dunjin in the automotive aftermarket industry for more than 20 years, leading Ribang in the field of lubricants, Yiran's persistence and perseverance.

Shandong Ribang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, located in Jinan, the spring city, the main production of gasoline engine oil, diesel oil, gear oil, automatic transmission oil, hydraulic oil, industrial oil, Marine oil, antifreeze, car maintenance products and other products, the annual capacity of more than 50,000 tons, more than 100 employees.

Shandong has always been known as the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the hometown of sages, profound cultural heritage, developed heavy industry, manufacturing system foundation is strong, known as the Qilu civilization, the beautiful reputation of China. Among them, Shandong enterprises have more respect for commercial civilization and respect for the essence of traditional culture in their bones.

Zhang Dunjin, the founder of Shandong Ribang New Energy Technology Co., LTD., with unique vision, firm will, rich industry experience and keen market sense, created the core essence of domestic high-quality lubricating oil business road.

In the tide of China's reform and opening up, many regional business cultures have emerged, among which the coastal Fujian Province, beautiful mountains, outstanding people, gave birth to the courage of the first, the world's Fujian business, its not afraid of hardship, unity and friendship, the spirit of generosity is affecting the growth of generations of people, "love to fight will win" has become a major feature of the global Fujian business.

Zhang Dunjin is Fujian Fuqing people, with the spirit of Fujian people dare to fight, borrow the opportunity to expand, in the early years with relatives came to Jinan auto parts industry, during the work Zhang Dunjin diligent and active, the auto parts industry after familiar, have their own industry ideals and goals, when most domestic lubricant companies cut corners, the pursuit of short-term interests, When seeing the status quo that international brands have dominated the market for a long time, he conceived the idea of making an independent brand lubricating oil that people can really rest assured about.

The production and processing of lubricating oil requires both courage and technology. In 2004, when the domestic brand was in the ascendant, Zhang Dunjin, who had a strategic vision, began to create his own "cause", named the factory "Ribang" brand, and prayed for the essence of the sun and moon, Fuze Huaxia, meaning broad, broad, aiming high, and the meaning of the magnificent blueprint. Zhang Dunjin is determined to build "Ribang" into a cutting-edge brand of domestic high-quality lubricating oil, and make a high-quality and distinctive national brand lubricating oil, so that customers can use domestic oil products with peace of mind. According to Zhang Dunjin, at the beginning of the establishment of the company, because of the lack of resources, immature technology, and imperfect equipment, "it is that relatives and family members work together, and devote themselves to the factory every day, and the affairs of the family can not be taken into account." The past scenes flashed, Zhang Dunjin was filled with emotion, "the lubricant industry is not more than the auto parts industry, the international brands dominate the market for many years, the early sales do marketing, no one believes that the process from 0 to 1 is really difficult." Efforts pay off, in the unremitting efforts of Zhang Dunjin, the formation of a sales team, the development of a group of dealers willing to try to operate the Ribang brand, Ribang opened the rise of the road to development.

"As long as others are willing to give us the opportunity, Nippon will never let him down," Zhang Dunjin said seriously, "whether the quality of Nippon's products, or quality assurance, as well as the later service, we try to improve, make every market promise, we will never break our word." Domestic brands have gone through the age of survival in the market, depending on the reputation of the product for life, "Do not make a little mistake, because the customer will not give you too many opportunities", Zhang Dunjin said firmly, it is because of the rigorous, practical work style and attitude, let Zhang Dunjin lead the Japanese state step by step to today.

Tall buildings rise from the ground, and credibility is the strategic banner that Zhang Dunjin leads Japan forward. Just like China's famous entrepreneur - glass king Cao Dewang, he once said, "I have only done one thing in my life, that is, to produce a piece of Chinese people's own glass", Zhang Dunjin has always regarded Cao Dewang as an example of life forward, the pursuit of the ultimate, in the automotive aftermarket struggle for more than 20 years, led Ribon to stick to the lubricating oil track for more than 10 years. Make it your life's pursuit and goal.

Fujian businessmen have a universal image in the world, that is, commitment as life, is Zhang Dunjin's style of doing things, but also the essence of Fujian businessmen emphasize credibility. Competition in the market is fierce, many manufacturers in order to reach a deal, exaggeration and other means, and Zhang Dunjin stipulated that as long as it is the promised cooperation program, even if it is encountered in the cost increase, Japan's own losses will also honor the promise, let others rest assured is a valuable quality.

Car lubricating oil is divided into engine oil, transmission oil, gear oil, brake oil and other subdivisions, the role of lubricating oil on the car is like the meaning of water for fish, in order to make the fish better maintain vitality, water must be clean, clear, high oxygen content, and in order to make the car safer and more comfortable, lubricating oil must be high quality, lubrication, durable, good oil quality can play a energy-saving effect, Extend the service life of the core components of the car.

Under normal circumstances, each car travels to 5000-10,000 kilometers to be maintained, and the core project of small maintenance is to change the oil, so the lubricant is also known as the "liquid gold" in the automotive aftermarket industry.

The core of lubricant production process is raw materials, blending production and pipeline filling process. The raw materials such as base oil and additives used in Ribon lubricant are international first-class brands, which effectively guarantees the quality of products. The processing equipment is imported, which can realize highly intelligent and automated production, multiple independent production pipelines and storage tanks. It can be used for blending production and storage of many different formulations;

In the inspection of products, Ribon adopts the industry's most stringent sample sampling and sample retention method, from raw materials into the factory to the production line filling, blending, the first end and middle sampling "nine-stage" professional testing and sample retention testing, to ensure that problems can be traced in time; The key to the real test of oil quality is the low-temperature environment, Ribon in the oil high and low temperature test, can ensure the normal operation of the low temperature of minus 40 degrees, to ensure that the winter oil can be used normally in the engine and gearbox, the professional production of oil products, standardized process determines the quality of the factory intelligent operation has reached 80%, Ensure efficient production while maintaining superior oil quality.

At present, Ribang has passed the certification of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Volkswagen and other world famous brands. It is reported that the certification and qualification process of a brand takes 4-5 years, among which the product quality and production specifications are more stringent, and the production process should achieve the environmental protection requirements of no methane pollution, precisely because Ribang takes high-quality products as its own mission, lives up to every trust of industry customers, and forms the cornerstone of the development of private enterprises.

Nikbang understands the core of car maintenance, launched the oil quality service continuity guarantee. As long as the owner of the car in accordance with the mileage standard maintenance of Ribang oil, Ribang promises to carry out the quality assurance of the engine and gearbox and other core components for the owner, on the one hand is the confidence of their own products, on the other hand is to establish long-term trust with the owner and the user, establish a reputation, for the repair shop and dealers to bring more loyal users, long-term development. In addition, in the oil operation specifications, Nippon for the repair terminal responsibility cover, for dealers and repair end to relieve worries, to make assured protection, to help the market terminal to enhance brand influence.

Every trust is hard-won, sincere for trust, is the business purpose of Zhang Dunjin and Ribang, ingenuity casting quality cornerstone, casting Ribang steadily forward, riding the wind and waves.

Ribon is determined to be the benchmark of independent brand lubricating oil enterprises, in the words of Mr. Zhang Dunjin, chairman of the board, is "to be a trusted and reliable national brand lubricating oil". At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise in 2004, Zhang Dunjin set a Flag for himself deep in his heart: Do things to be extreme! Whether it is product quality, production equipment, technical level, production process, quality control, total cost advantage, corporate culture management, Ribang has been moving towards the goal of strict requirements and high standards.

In 2019, Ribang Chairman Zhang Dunjin proposed the forward-looking strategic concept of precision oil, precision oil covers every model and every series of cars, chooses the best applicable lubricating oil according to the accuracy of different models and vehicle conditions, approaches the quality of the original lubricant, carefully takes care of each car, and ensures the excellent quality of vehicle conditions with accurate and delicate service. Extend the service life.

This theory has been widely spread in the market, the peer response, and the next step is to gradually expand to the market terminal, so that the auto repair end is fully aware of the "necessity of accurate oil." Although many different series of models on the market can use the same "oil", just like the factory uniform can be applied to many people, but each car is like each person has different body weight and unique signs of height and height, so targeted tailored for each car, accurate oil is like choosing suitable clothes for everyone, showing the beauty of characteristics. The core concept of "precise oil" is to allow the car to get more professional maintenance and maintain the superior performance of the car.

Zhang Dunjin stressed that precise oil is necessary, just like everyone has different tastes for dinner, "some people can't eat seafood, some people like to eat vegetables, which requires us to strengthen our understanding of the car, although the car will not express, but we have to achieve a deep understanding of the car through technical means, and really find the oil demand and application of the car." Some families have spent years of savings buying a car, and we have the obligation and responsibility to give every car the most accurate care."

Each car oil produced by Ribang, with careful maintenance of each car as a starting point, dedicated to build, professional production. Adhere to professional trust, with accurate service as a bridge link market, help Ribang better towards the terminal, the benefit of owners.

The 14th Five-Year Plan indicates that the development direction of China's economy in the next ten years is "high quality" as the vision goal, and it is an inevitable choice for enterprises to adhere to the concept of scientific and technological innovation and environmental protection to take the road of high-quality development. Japan in scientific and technological innovation invested great research and development efforts, keep up with the trend of The Times, the new car on the market a month to develop new products, the formation of a people-oriented combat team, coagulation, training support dealers to go to the future.

Today's automotive aftermarket is already a red sea, capital, the support of the Internet, the degree of transparency, the price war, the industry has been extremely "internal volume", in such a fierce competition era, the lack of products and brands on the market is no longer, dealers and service providers lack of refined service guidelines and guaranteed after-sales.

In the fierce market reshuffle, the stickiness with dealers is the game faced by all enterprises, and dealers in Japan and other provinces are also facing the challenge of terminal maintenance. Previously, the relationship between upstream manufacturers and dealers in the industrial chain is the traditional relationship between goods trading, and now in the face of fierce market competition, manufacturers must not only have a strong product manufacturing and innovation ability, but also strive to be an all-around player in the direction of dealers.

Ribang carefully lays out the market strategy of "effective delivery", and the regional sales personnel sink into the market of each region to understand the local market situation in detail, and do market information sorting for dealers, efficient matching, and execution landing. In the face of fierce social competition, the marketing ability of repair shops and small and medium-sized dealers in the market is generally not strong, and it is necessary to enhance the service ability of the middle market.

On the one hand, manufacturers should maintain the stickiness with dealers, enhance their confidence in cooperation by helping them, even solve the last mile of market sales problems, enhance their confidence in the market and the brand, and at the same time, through in-depth docking, feedback the problems encountered in various regional markets, maintain the sensitivity of manufacturers to the market, and discuss solutions. Specific problem specific analysis, to achieve fine, efficient service.

Zhang Dunjin, the founder of Japan, put forward the high-end positioning at the strategic level, "We are not operating with the thinking of selling goods to earn the difference, and now the price and quality of products on the market are uneven, we export high-quality service, so it is extremely important to find the values agreed with each other, and will not feel lonely and helpless when dealers face problems." Our factory headquarters has been behind them to provide support, and jointly make the market bigger, stronger and sharper." The premise of mutual benefit and win-win is mutual recognition, high-quality products must be matching high-quality dealers, the goal is to cultivate a group of highly matched dealers in various regions, not to price as the only standard to judge the product partners, "simply selling products is no future, we hope to have a number of can always follow, and the Japanese dealers grow together, mutual perfection, Together for the national high-quality lubricant brand to do a strong market value output, the service to the extreme ", which is also the real idea of the founder of Ribang Zhang Dunjin heart.

Unlike others who regard customers as "money bags", Nippon regards customers as comrades in arms. Zhang Dunjin said, "For customers, we are not for the sole purpose of trading, but to cooperate with customers as comrades in arms on a front, choose like-minded partners, and sincerely change hearts." In the daily sales link, Ribang never takes price and marketing routine as a transaction, but treats every customer who visits with calm attitude, careful service, and the best reception etiquette, fully demonstrating Ribang's corporate culture and interpersonal style, and deeply convincing customers with Ribang's deep-rooted cultural values.

Before the deal wholeheartedly consider for customers, after the deal for partners to carry out market planning, help customers to collect customers and operations, sincere pay will naturally get the due return, many dealers to the state of Japan after inspection, by the state of Japan careful work style and tolerance of mind, established a deep mutual trust, long-term cooperation.

On the battlefield, the most advanced method of war is not to fight and subdue the soldiers, and the most advanced approach in the business is to obtain value recognition with empathy, and from the end, to become each other's comrades in arms, Japan knows this way. Internal and external unity, one heart. Nippon is not only friendly to partners, but also knows how to make good use of employees, extremely trust and pour warmth.

Employees are the first and most important customers of enterprises! Mr. Zhang Dunjin's understanding of talent is particularly profound, "all successful entrepreneurs are masters of operators." The so-called strategy determines success or failure, who makes the strategy? Who will execute the strategy? It's all people." "And details determine success or failure, how to implement, track details?" It depends on people." In his mind, the employees of Nippon are the backbone of the enterprise.

The management principle that the enterprise needs is: the manager can

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