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Ribang Lubricants won the BMW longlife-04 standard certification!


On July 13, 2022, Ribang lubricants won the BMW longlife-04 standard certification, marking that the excellent quality of Ribang oil products has once again been recognized by internationally renowned automobile manufacturers.

Previously, Ribon lubricants has been certified by many world-class automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Volkswagen, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, etc. Products include Volkswagen VW50800/50900, VW50200/50500, Mercedes-Benz MB229.5, MB229.52, Porsche IME 1107964-A, Volvo VCC RBSO-2AE, Jaguar Land Rover IME 1206001-A and many other factory certification standards. With the world's carbon emission requirements for automobiles becoming more and more stringent, major automobile manufacturers regard energy-saving technology as a top priority, and the requirements for oil energy-saving contributions are becoming more stringent. Since the implementation of Euro VI emissions, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and other European automobile manufacturers have launched their own internal energy-saving oil standards, under this strict certification standard, Ribon lubricant still obtained the BMW longlife-04 standard certification, which is undoubtedly a high degree of affirmation of the quality of Ribon lubricant. The BMW longlife-04 standard obtained by Ribon is a long-life fully synthetic oil standard developed by the BMW Group specifically for BMW engines equipped with particulate filter exhaust systems. The standard is based on the C3 performance standard in the European Standard ACEA-2016. Compared with the previous BMW longlife-01 standard, BMW longlife-04 puts forward higher requirements for the environmental emission efficiency of the oil, under the premise of maintaining a high temperature and high shear viscosity of not less than 3.5mPa·s, the sulfate ash content is not more than 0.8%, and the total alkali content is not less than 6. Engine oils that meet this standard are commonly referred to as low-ash oils, especially for engines with particle traps. Ribang synthetic lubricating oil raw materials are the world's first-class suppliers, with exclusive high-quality formula, greatly improve the oil wear resistance and fuel economy performance, more environmental protection and energy saving, and effectively prevent the blockage of the particle catcher, protect the exhaust gas treatment system, provide more efficient protection.

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