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Car "cold start", how to minimize engine wear?


Car "cold start", how to minimize engine wear?

Cold start, we are very familiar with the word, especially now the weather is getting cool, the owners have also started a hot car.

In fact, the cold start of the car means that the engine water temperature is very low to start. That is to say, when the car has not been started for a long time, the car's engine is in a cooling state of low temperature, at this time the engine temperature is lower than the normal working temperature, the oil is also returned to the oil pan, and the car is cold started at this time.

So, Master Bang tell you, what should we pay attention to cold start, and how should we protect it?

When the cold start, the owner needs to pay attention to the original geothermal car time should not be too long, 30 seconds is almost.

After the cold start, the road needs to keep the low speed driving, so that the transmission system, steering system, brake system, and differential suspension can reach the normal operating temperature to avoid unnecessary wear.

From low speed to normal speed, about 3 to 5 minutes or 4 km distance is more suitable.

In addition to the correct hot car, choosing a suitable oil can also greatly reduce the wear of the engine when it is cold started and effectively protect the engine.

The oil with excellent low temperature flow performance can better play the lubrication role.

The lower the viscosity of the oil, the better the theoretical low temperature fluidity, and the better the protection effect when the engine starts cold.

Synthetic oil has absolute advantages over ordinary mineral oil in terms of low temperature fluidity and oil film strength.

In order to better protect the engine, choose a better quality oil. Ribang iron can series full synthetic oil, with excellent viscosity stability and high temperature stability, help to reduce fuel consumption; The ultimate anti-wear ability, better improve vehicle starting protection and operation efficiency, extend engine life, so that the engine is always in a good lubrication state.

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