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What does antifreeze do?


The weather is cool, the oil needs to be replaced with the oil suitable for their own local temperature, and the antifreeze as an important oil for the engine cold, in winter is also important.

Automotive antifreeze, the full name of automotive antifreeze coolant, is composed of antifreeze additives and additives to prevent metal rust and water. Antifreeze is the coolant of the engine, circulating in the engine waterway and cooling water tank, to help the engine heat dissipation, is the carrier of engine heat.

What does antifreeze do?

In winter, the role of antifreeze is mainly to prevent the cooling water in the pipeline from freezing and cracking the radiator, to avoid freezing the engine cylinder block.

In summer, antifreeze with a higher boiling point, you can avoid "boiling."

In addition to the antifreeze, cooling effect, because of different additives, antifreeze also has anti-dirt, anti-rust and other properties.

The water in the antifreeze is distilled water, and the anti-rust factor is added to form a protective film for the metal parts, so that they are not rusted, so as to avoid the water tank from breaking and leaking due to corrosion, and avoid corrosion blocking the water channel and damaging the engine; Antifreeze also has enhanced scaling removal ability, enhances the compatibility of antifreeze and rubber, metal parts, and achieves effective anti-boiling and anti-icing at the same time, it also has a maintenance effect on automotive parts.

What's the difference between different colors of antifreeze?

Our common antifreeze has green, blue, pink and so on different colors. In fact, the antifreeze itself has no color, and the color we see is the color of the colorant.

These colorants allow us to better distinguish between different antifreeze visually, but do not affect the performance of antifreeze. For example, ethylene glycol antifreeze is green, propylene glycol antifreeze is red with a hint of orange.

In addition to the visual distinction, antifreeze coloring can also help us easily determine the consumption of antifreeze, as well as determine whether the antifreeze leaks, to help find the leak point.

Can different colors of antifreeze be mixed?

Different colors of antifreeze should not be mixed.

The chemical properties of different colors and different brands of antifreeze may differ greatly, and mixing is easy to produce chemical reactions such as precipitation and bubbles, affecting the antifreeze effect and corroding the tank and cooling system.

Can antifreeze be replaced with water?

Antifreeze can not be replaced with water. First of all, a good antifreeze has anti-corrosion, anti-scale and anti-rust functions, which can not be replaced by water.

In addition, because the freezing point of antifreeze is lower than that of water, if water is used instead, it is very easy to freeze in the northern winter, which may break the cooling pipe of the car. In the summer, adding water may cause the engine temperature to be too high, resulting in "boiling".

The need for owners to pay attention to is that if the antifreeze level alarm occurs during the driving process, and the antifreeze can not be bought nearby, a small amount of distilled water or purified water can be used as an emergency means to replace the antifreeze, but the amount only needs to ensure that the vehicle can drive normally.

Does antifreeze need to be changed regularly?

The antifreeze needs to be changed regularly.

Antifreeze has a life, not replaced for a long time, the antifreeze effect will be affected. The replacement cycle of most vehicle antifreeze is two years or about 40,000 kilometers, but the specific needs to be determined according to the maintenance manual or vehicle condition.

Before the deadline for replacing the antifreeze is reached, if the antifreeze level is found to be lower than the minimum scale value (the normal capacity of the antifreeze should be between MIN and MAX), it should be added in time, otherwise it will affect the cooling efficiency of the engine.

Summary of antifreeze problems

Automobile cooling system components, including steel, iron, aluminum, copper, plastic, rubber, etc., only in line with the automobile manufacturer's original factory level and have a strong anti-corrosion function of antifreeze to protect the cooling system, therefore, anti-corrosion is the most important function of antifreeze;

When choosing antifreeze, please do not choose according to color, color is only dyeing agent, easy to identify when leaking, color does not have any technical parameter significance;

Different brands of antifreeze can not be mixed to avoid chemical reactions; When replacing antifreeze, try to clean the old liquid, such as using pure water or new antifreeze to wash the effect is better;

Antifreeze is not only suitable for cold areas, hot areas are also suitable, because anti-corrosion is the most important function of antifreeze;

Ribon pure organic coolant adopts organic and inorganic double corrosion inhibitors, deionized water, lasting stability of film formation, effectively preventing all kinds of corrosion to the engine cooling system. It has excellent anti-freezing, anti-boiling, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-scale, anti-foam, anti-corrosion, anti-aluminum corrosion characteristics. Long-acting products, can be used all year round, effective for many years, good chemical stability, low freezing point and high boiling point, low evaporation loss, high cooling rate. No silicate or potentially harmful additives, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-corrosive, pollution-free.

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