Ribon oil VAT 55 liters
  • Ribon oil VAT 55 litersRibon oil VAT 55 liters

Ribon oil VAT 55 liters

Product Summary: Shandong Ribang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier in the lubricant industry in China. Ribang oil drums 55 liters are our products. The market covers the world and the user feedback is excellent.Ribon oil VAT 55 liters


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Product Description

Product content:

Ribang oil drum 55 liters with strong cleaning function, effectively clean the engine, extend the service life of the engine.

Ribang oil drum 55 liters to prevent premature aging and deterioration of oil products, and in high and low speed working conditions, durable protection, reduce wear.

The Ribon Oil VAT 55 litre is equipped with an advanced formulation to protect the exhaust aftertreatment system and reduce clogging.

Ribang oil drum 55 liters effectively reduce low-speed early burning phenomenon, improve fuel economy, extreme pressure anti-wear, anti-saturation and filtration performance.

Ribon oil VAT 55 liters

Product parameters:

Day state
The article number
55 litre drum
API level
Viscosity grade
Lubricating oil classification
55 litre drum
Using range

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